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“Everyone can tell you the risk, an entrepreneur will tell you the reward” - Robert Kiyosaki


We at Practical Methods aim at transforming challenges into opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

Shivakumar P 

Founder and Business Consultant

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Shivakumar P, Founder and Business Consultant, with over 15 years of experience in start-ups is a co-founder of four successful ventures.

Shivakumar, is a determined and passionate entrepreneur with 5 successful business ventures.  He aims to guide and support first time entrepreneurs, and transform small and medium businesses. With his problem solving approach, he has managed to transform challenges into opportunities for around 20 businesses. 

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What we offer

Consultation services are offered depending on the requirement.


Consultation service for specific concerns/challenges faced by small and medium businesses. Could be related to cashflow, finance, decision making, growth management, sales etc.


This service will be provided for specific concerns, issues or decision-making processes. Advisory services can also be availed on a long-term basis through the growth process of the business, addressing the various dimensions of planning, decision making and implementing.


6 months to 1 year.

This includes consultation for specific projects addressing all aspects from initiation to completion.

Operational & Delivery Services:


We provide operational and delivery services. Planning, management and monitoring of operational processes to ensure efficient delivery and maximum client satisfaction. Ensuring operations model is well-defined, structured, and regularly improvised to deliver cost effective services.

Quality Management Service:

We provide quality management services, overseeing activities and tasks to maintain desired level of excellence. Includes: Determining quality policy, creating and implementing quality planning and assurance, quality control and improvement.


Long term Consultation

For start-ups and small businesses including key decision making, business plan development, etc. This is a long-term consultation service focusing on business establishment, growth and development.


This service will largely focus on individual development of the entrepreneur and his team, which in turn facilitates business growth and success.

Business Meeting

What we do


Planning is one of the most important processes in business. It allows entrepreneurs to set a vision, goal and pathway for themselves and their business. It is also necessary to map out the important functioning aspects of the business such as, finance, product/service, operations, team management etc. 

The services we offer will help entrepreneurs, initiate their planning process with experienced guidance.  Our aim is to help you develop an airtight plan that benefits your business operations.

Business Model

Business modelling helps define the businesses main goals and line of operations. It is an important part of strategy and it is based on this plan that, other operations are put in place.

1) Setting a vision and goals for the business.

2) Determining key activities and value proposition of the business.

3) Identifying target customer segment.

4) Formulating cost structure, distribution channel and overall sales plan.

5) Developing strategy taking into consideration external elements of the business.


Financial Planning

Financial planning helps determine a companies current value and its future financial goals. It is also necessary to ensure capital financing requirements and operational financing requirements are met. It also

1) Budgeting. And determining financial goals.

2) Developing revenue model for the business.

3) Business valuation for raising capital, determining partners ownership etc.

4) Cash flow management structure.

5) Determining financing avenues.

6) Risk management plan.

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People Management

People management is the process of maintaining relationships and reconciling individual gaols with organisational goals. It is necessary to ensure efficiency and maintain long lasting relationships with external and internal parties of your business.

1) Talent acquisition and retention from junior to senior positions.

2) Individual and team management.

3) Establishing and maintaining vendor and customer relationships.

4) Dealing with other Human Resource related hiccups.



The business world is dynamic and only those entrepreneurs that adapt to changes, succeed. Plans require regular refining and alterations based on external environment, planning-implementation gaps, strategy etc. In this phase of consultation, already laid out plans will be reviewed, and corrective action based on practical implementation will be taken where necessary.

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